Looking For An Alternative To A Traditional Hotel? Consider These Accommodations

Posted on: 23 June 2017

If you're planning a trip that will see you visit a number of cities over several days, you'll need to get busy figuring out where you'll stay in each location. While there are a number of advantages to seeking accommodations from chain hotels, you may be looking to change things up a little. For example, finding a unique place to stay during a trip to the Hamptons could add to your enjoyment. In many cases, looking for alternative arrangements can offer excitement and variety, thus augmenting your trip. Here are some different types of accommodations to consider.

Resort-Style Lodging

If you're traveling with family, resort-style lodging can be highly enticing. You don't have to head to the tropics to find this type of accommodations — weather aside, a large number of resort-style hotels exist. This type of hotel is known for its abundance of on-site things to do. For example, a hotel may have a large indoor water park on its premises, or it may be attached to a golf course. Resort-style hotels are often found in locations with plenty of natural attractions, whether it's a beach, a ski hill, or something similar nearby.

Bed And Breakfast

If you haven't previously sought accommodations at a bed and breakfast, now might be the time. This type of lodging is generally ideal for couples traveling without children, as B&Bs tend to be quiet and are often used by adult guests. A bed and breakfast gives you a "home away from home" feel, which can be welcome partway through your trip when you're longing for some of the coziness of home. You'll typically have a room and bathroom to yourself, and will share a living room with the other guests. B&Bs offer a home-cooked first meal of the day, which can also be nice when you've been accustomed to restaurant food.

College Dorm

For summertime travelers, accommodations at a college dorm might be possible. Given that they're largely devoid of students during the summer months, many colleges offer their dorm rooms to travelers at a cheap price. If you're on a budget or you're just looking for something different to add variety to your trip, staying a day or two in college dorms may be appealing. This is bare bones living — your room will be small and typically consist of a single bed, a desk, and a dresser. In many cases, you'll share the bathroom with other travelers. However, the plus side to this type of lodging is that you'll often get a chance to meet other travelers, and may enjoy sharing stories of your adventures, too.