Four Hotel Requests To Make When Traveling With A Newborn

Posted on: 24 June 2017

Traveling with a newborn can be difficult because they have so many needs that need to be met. If you plan to travel with a newborn, it is essential that you plan. Contact the hotel where you plan to stay and go over the following checklist with them to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as it can be when you have to travel with an infant.

Ask for a Crib to be Brought to Your Room

The first thing you need to do is you need to consider where the baby will sleep when you are in the hotel. You do not want to have the baby sleep in the bed with you because there is a chance they could fall off the bed or you could roll on them accidentally while you sleep. Fortunately, many hotels have cribs available that families can use when they are vacationing with a baby.

Ask for a Room that Is Not Located Near the Elevators

The location of the room where you will be staying is important because you do not want to be located near the elevators. Elevators are often very noisy and people will be coming up and down the elevator at different times throughout the night. If you are located near the elevator, there is a good chance that the noise will wake your baby while they are sleeping.

Ask for a Room with a Microwave in It

If you have a little one who is bottle fed, having a microwave in your room will make feeding time much easier. You will be able to heat up the formula quickly and easily when needed. If you choose a room that does not have a microwave in it, you could also heat up hot water in the coffee pot and then place the bottle into the hot water to heat it up.

Ask for a Nonsmoking Room

Choose to stay in a nonsmoking room. Even though no one will be smoking in the room while you are staying in it, you should still request to stay in a nonsmoking room so that neither you nor your baby end up smelling like smoke. This can be an unpleasant smell and is something that can be easily avoided by simply requesting a nonsmoking room.

If you ask for all of these accommodations before booking the room, it will be easier for the hotel to meet your specific needs. Many hotels will not charge you any extra for these requests, so there is no reason not to ask for them. Being able to create a peaceful, relaxing environment for your little one will better your chances of being able to have a few moments of relaxation during your vacation. Whether you're visiting the el Salvador Surf Resort or another vacation destination, these are great tips to keep in mind.