Keeping Your Preschool-Aged Child Safe During A Large Resort-Complex Visit

Posted on: 26 June 2017

If you are going to be taking a vacation to a large resort area, and you are bringing along your preschool-aged child, it is likely you will be concerned about their well-being while at an area they are unfamiliar with. While resort vacations can be extremely fun for all, being prepared for the possibility of getting separated from your child is necessary. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your child safe should they wander away from you while you are vacationing.

Play A Game To Remember Clothing

Before you head out for a day of fun in the sun at a nearby beach, the mall, or the hotel swimming pool, take the time to play a "clothing game" with your preschool-aged child. Ask your child to describe what clothing you have decided to wear for the day. You can then do the same for your child's clothing choices. This will be helpful should you become separated, as you will be more likely to remember the exact outfit your child was wearing since you made it a point to describe it earlier. Your child will also be more likely to retain an image in their memory of what you were wearing so they can search for you if you become separated.

Place Identification Information On Your Child

If you intend to go to a crowded area of the resort, it is best to have a form of identification on your child so they can be reunited with you if separation occurs. Write your last name, phone number, and hotel location upon your child's wrist with a black non-washable marker. This will not remain on your child's skin indefinitely and can be used to help track you down if necessary. Another idea is to write the information on a bandage and place it on your child's leg underneath a sock so it is obscured from view unless needed. Let your child know this information will help to find you if they get lost, so they can show it to someone if this happens.

Teach Your Child Who To Look For And Where To Go

Make it a priority to point out the reception area to your child when you check into your resort. They may remember what portion of the resort this was located in if they do happen to get lost, and it will most likely be the area they are brought to by an employee if they are found wandering on the resort grounds. Let your child know what type of uniforms people working in the resort wear, and point out the different types of clothing to them as you walk through different areas of the property. Tell your child to alert one of these people if they cannot find you, as they will be able to help reunite you. If your child cannot find a worker, tell them to let a mother with children know they are lost, as she will most likely have empathy for your child and will take the steps needed to get them to safety.

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