Three Ways To Make Your Next Beach Vacation As Child-Friendly As Possible

Posted on: 28 June 2017

When taking a beach vacation with your children, small details can make the trip as enjoyable as possible for parents and children alike. Check out a few ways you can make sure your trip is kid-friendly.

1. Book a Room with a View (and Preferably a Balcony)

When vacationing with kids, you may need to spend more time in your room than you normally would. Small children need naps, and kids of all ages usually require more nighttime sleep than adults.

Make the time that you spend in your room as relaxing as possible by booking a room with a view. Imagine having a delicious dinner with your spouse with gorgeous ocean views in the background.

If possible, book a room with a balcony. A balcony lets you take in all the sights and sounds of your destination. It is the perfect spot to relax with a book, have dessert, or just sit and listen to the waves crash. 

2. Bring a Wagon or Push Cart

One of the trickiest parts of vacationing with children is hauling everything you need for a terrific beach day. Beach tents, chairs, towels, snacks, toys, and boogie boards are just a few of the things that you need to tote. Save your arms by using a wagon or beach cart to haul all of your beach gear.

If bringing your own wagon or push cart, make sure that it has tires designed to roll through soft sand. Also consider the weight of your cart or wagon; since you are toting so much stuff, look for an item that is as lightweight as possible.

You may not have room in your vehicle to bring your own wagon or push cart. In this case, contact a business that rents beach gear. It may have a wagon or cart that you can rent during your vacation. Some will even deliver your rental directly to your hotel room.

3. Book a Hotel Room with a Full Kitchen

A hotel room with a full kitchen gives you options when it comes to prepping your meals and snacks. If your child is nursing or on formula, a full-sized fridge makes it much easier to store prepared formula or breast milk. You also have space to house kid-friendly snacks like yogurt, cheese sticks, juice, and fruit.

When vacationing with kids, it isn't uncommon for naps to last longer than usual or for your kids to fall asleep earlier than their normal bedtime. If this happens, a full kitchen lets you prepare a delectabe meal from the comfort of your own hotel room. Instead of going out for a seafood dinner, bring the seafood to your room.