Plan an Informative And Enjoyable Business Meeting

Posted on: 17 July 2017

If you own a computer software company and will be hosting an annual business meeting at a local hotel to provide employees with information about new products that will be offered in the future and upcoming changes associated with work responsibilities, the following tips will assist with preparing an event that is informative and enjoyable.

Make Reservations for Guests And Prepare Information Packets

If any of your employees work remotely and need to travel a long distance to attend the meeting, make reservations for them at the hotel where the meeting will be held. Hire a taxi driver or chauffeur to pick up guests from an airport or train station before transporting them to the hotel.

Prepare information packets by filling folders with photocopies of the proposed products and updated work details that you have in mind. Reserve the hotel conference room in the hotel where guests will be staying and lay the information packets along one of the tables inside of the room. As people arrive for the meeting, they can each retrieve a packet and read over the materials that you provided to give them insight about what the meeting will entail.

Make Arrangements to Have Refreshments Served

If the hotel has a restaurant on the premises, order food items and request that they are dropped off before your employees arrive. Place the food items and beverages on a table and place plates and utensils nearby. After you have provided your employees with details about the upcoming changes at the software company, allow everyone to help themselves to the food and drinks that you have ordered. Once everyone has finished eating and drinking, resume the meeting.

Provide Employees With the Opportunity to Mingle And Speak to the Group

Before the meeting is over, allow your employees to mingle with one another so that they can learn about some of the job duties that each person is responsible for and to build a rapport between fellow workers. If some of your staff members have concerns and would like to address the group as a whole, allow them the opportunity to speak openly while everyone is seated.

Once opinions have been voiced, allow your employees to ask questions or provide feedback concerning what has been said. As a result of allowing your employees to voice concerns, they will feel as if their opinions are valued and will feel as if they are truly a part of a team.