Four Questions To Ask When Booking A Wedding Reception Venue

Posted on: 9 February 2018

Choosing the perfect wedding reception venue is an important part of wedding planning, and you want to know what you are getting with the room before you put down a deposit. Use the following four questions to help guide you in the decision-making process as you prepare to book a wedding reception venue.

Do You Have Approved Vendors?

Wedding reception venues sometimes work with an approved list of vendors, which means you can only use those vendors when planning your big day. Some venues work with a select group of caterers and bakers, while others also partner with party supply rental companies. If you are dreaming of having your favorite restaurant cater your wedding, or if you want your favorite aunt to bake your wedding cake from scratch, you'll want to know whether the venue will allow you to do so. If you must work with certain restaurants and bakeries, plan a tasting at each business so you can decide which vendor you want providing the foods and sweets at your wedding.

Can The Room Be Decorated?

While you can decorate some venues, such as rooms in banquet halls, other locations may have restrictions on the types of decorations you may use. This is particularly true of bed and breakfast locations, historic venues, or buildings that might not always be used to hold weddings. Ask whether you can use candles with open flames at tables, as this will help you decide which types of centerpieces you want to use. If you plan on holding your wedding ceremony in the same room and there is a restriction on candles, ask if an exception can be made to light unity or mass candles.

Do You Offer Valet Service?

Parking at some venues may be limited, particularly if you are hosting your reception at a banquet hall that has also been booked for other parties on the same day. Ask about valet service and any backup parking plans to ensure your guests can easily park and get to your wedding. Valet service is also an ideal solution for potentially rainy days, as guests can simply pull up to the venue and have their cars parked for them.

Can A Tour Of Restrooms Be Arranged?

It may not be the first thing you think of when planning a wedding, but having access to clean, attractive bathrooms can add to the overall experience of the day. Ask to tour the restroom facilities, and be sure that there are ample facilities to accommodate the number of guests on your list. Remember that for outdoor wedding venues, you can rent luxury portable restroom trailers to provide better accommodations for your guests.

It's a good idea to visit the venue you love more than once. This gives you time to think about any other questions you might have before you sign a contract and put down a deposit for your wedding date.