5 Ways Apartments Create A More Luxurious Stay Than Hotels

Posted on: 10 December 2020

Most travelers automatically assume that they should book a hotel when they go to a new place. But the most luxurious experience might not be from an expensive hotel. You might do better to find it in a rented apartment in a luxury apartment community. Why? Here are a few of the best reasons. 

1. You Get More Space

Undoubtedly, the best 'bang for your buck' in terms of square footage is from an apartment. Rather than overspend for a suite that likely consists of just one or two extra rooms, you get a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, balconies or green space, and plenty of floor space on which to spread out. 

2. Longer Stays Are Comfortable

Because they're designed for permanent living, apartments offer an advantage for anyone staying in an area for more than a few days. Your apartment community has everything you need to enjoy a full-time stay — including stocked kitchens and real dining rooms, plenty of home accessories, appliances, and more space for your stuff. This results in a much more comfortable long-term stay, rather than living out of your suitcase. 

3. Locations Are Homier

Fancy hotels tend to be located in the same areas to maximize tourism or business access. But these cookie-cutter locations and establishments may not be your cup of tea. Because apartments are designed for the real resident, they tend to be in less trendy but more varied locations. You can find one that fits your style and meets your vacation goals. 

4. Fewer Guests Means More Attention

Because you aren't one of possibly hundreds of guests coming and going, apartment rentals can feel much more personalized. You often get personal welcomes, can communicate directly with owners or managers, and may even get little extra touches to help you enjoy your stay. At a hotel, you're more likely to be just a room number to anonymous staff. 

5. The Rental Is Customized

Looking beyond the hotel means you have more options to create the vacation vibe you really want. Your apartment could be trendy and vibrant or old-school and comforting. It can have any view you desire. You might opt for multiple rooms so the kids don't fill your space with noise. Or you might want a full kitchen to cook your partner's favorite meal and have a romantic dinner. The choices are nearly endless. 

Which of these many benefits would make your next trip feel like a luxury vacation? Whatever amenities, location, or layout could add value to your stay, a rented apartment might be the answer you've been looking for. Learn more by taking a tour in your destination area today.