Three Tips To Take Your Motel To A Five Star Accomodation

Posted on: 27 March 2021

Motels are typically known as cheap, quick places to stay while you are on the road. Though this makes for plenty of business, it is missing out on the long-term stays and therefore income of a hotel. Motels and hotels are typically different due to the setup of the building. Hotels tend to have several stories and plenty of amenity offerings, while motels are usually one or two stories max with minimum extra offerings for guests. If you have just purchased a motel or what to do some heavy lifting to make your hotel a five-star accommodation, here are three things to get started on today. 

Modernize the motel

If you want to attract Millenials, Generation Z, and those who are into architecture, the first thing that you can do is modernize your motel rooms. Invest in recreating the rooms with walk-in rainfall showers, functional pull-out or drop-down furniture, and plenty of hidden storage space. Sleek clean lines with a minimalist aesthetic will also make it easier for your housekeeping department to clean regularly. Ditch the wood furnishing and go for durable, built-in quartz or granite. Make pocket doors for the closet that won't bang into anything else, causing nicks. Invest in an elevator or walking escalators to make it easier to get around the motel in a modern way. 

Beef up the food amenities

There is no reason why a good motel cannot have a good restaurant attached. Whether the trip is long or short, people enjoy having the option to get food near their accommodations before going out or after coming in. Invest in a one-of-a-kind diner attached to the hotel or a restaurant with plenty of offerings. You can lease out space to a restaurant owner or you can own the franchise yourself. A good restaurant that will take reservations or offer room service is an increased amenity that will put you on par with hotels in the area. 

Offer large suites

A motel offers the advantage of being able to knock down walls without structurally disturbing any upper floors. One of the issues families often have with hotels is that they typically have to split up the rooms. If you combine two or three rooms into one, with a living area, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms, you can offer family or friend suites so that large families and friend circles can stay together during trips. Modernized suites for the entire family insure that your motel will be the top pick for families in future town guides and online reviews. Contact someone like Inn at Fulton Harbor for more info.