Tips for Being Responsible When You Visit a Vacation Rental Condo With Your Dog

Posted on: 14 June 2021

For families that travel with their dog, a vacation rental condo can often be a good choice for accommodation. Provided that you make sure to book a place that is listed as pet friendly, you can expect that you and your four-legged friend will be comfortable during your stay. Pet-friendly vacation rentals can vary significantly in appearance; you might find a condo unit in the city that you can visit with your dog, a house on the beach, and many other options in between. What shouldn't vary is your commitment to be a responsible pet owner when you visit a vacation rental. Beyond the necessary step of picking up after your dog does its business, here are some tips to remember.

Find The Right Room To Leave It

During your stay, you might occasionally need to leave your dog on its own in the vacation home. For example, even if the pet will accompany you on most of your daily outings, you may opt to leave it behind when you go out to eat. Before you do so, consider each of the rooms in the home and choose the space that will be best. You might not want to leave the dog to roam freely, as it could chew on something if it gets anxious. Confining the animal to a space that is more resistant to damage — this might be a bathroom, the laundry room, or a mudroom — is advisable.

Keep It Off The Furniture

You might enjoy having your dog on the couches, chairs, and beds of your own home, but it's good guest etiquette to forgo this behavior when you're staying at a vacation condo. A dog that sheds heavily can leave a lot of hair on the surface of any piece of furniture, which results in extra cleaning effort and/or expenses for the vacation rental owner. Pack your pet's bed before you travel and make the pet use their bed instead of the home's furniture.

Be Up Front About Any Damage

In the event that your dog does damage something during your stay, it's important to be upfront about it, rather than try to hide it. Vacation rental owners are reasonable and understand that accidents do happen, which means that you can likely work the issue out amicably. For example, if your dog chews one of the pillows off the couch, you might offer to buy a replacement pillow or leave some money so that the owner can do so.

For more information about renting a vacation condo, contact a lodging company.