Year-Round Lodging For You And Your Corporate Employees

Posted on: 29 August 2023

Year-round lodging offers corporate employees the ability to travel out of town on business without needing to forego the personal comforts they are accustomed to. Use the tips below to formulate a lodging plan for you and your workforce.

The Layout

First, assess the layout and location that various year-round hotels offer. If you are going to be orchestrating daily briefings and meetings throughout the time that is spent at a hotel, you will want to make sure that the hotel is equipped with a conference room or another common area that you and your employees will have access to.

You will also want to research the types of rooms that year-round hotels offer. Since you and your workers will be staying at the hotel for a lengthy amount of time, it is important that each room will be large enough to accommodate one or more people.

Compare room sizes and setups. In addition, check out the location of each room. If you and your workforce will need to handle job duties bright and early each morning, you may want to pursue reserving a block of rooms that are located on the ground level. 

The Services and Activities

Extended stay hotels often feature an array of onsite amenities that motels and smaller hotels don't feature. Consider the type of schedule that you and your team will be following. A busy schedule may encourage you to seek lodging at a hotel that features a continental breakfast, room service, and other amenities that are designed to make life easier.

If there will be considerable downtime at the end of each day, a hotel that comes equipped with a pool, a fitness room, and a sauna will provide everyone with viable ways to relax and enjoy the free time.

The Essentials That Are Featured Onsite

A year-round hotel may provide extra linens, cookware, toiletries, and other essentials that you and your workers will need each day. There may also be an onsite laundry area that can be accessed whenever it is convenient.

When you are reviewing various year-round hotels, find out what will be included with your stay. If any of the items that are needed will cost an additional fee, determine how much more money you will need to pay upfront for the items that you and your workforce need. Once you have reviewed the items offered onsite, share this information with your employees. 

To learn more, check out a year-round hotel near you.