Why You Should Choose A Hotel Suite For Your Next Family Vacation

Posted on: 19 December 2018

Most people are interested in saving money where they can when they go on vacation. After all, the more money you can save on airfare or other transportation costs, the more money you'll have left over for doing the fun, touristy things. This is especially important when going on family vacations.

With the ability nowadays to compare prices and packages on everything from rental cars to flights to rooms, saving money is easier than ever. With the right research, you can even find upgrades for the same price or less. This is especially true with the accommodations you choose. Here is a look at the advantages of choosing a hotel suite over a basic room for your next family vacation.

What Is The Difference Between A Hotel And A Motel?

With the advent of the automobile and the expanding network of highways and freeways, families began traveling more. Motels popped up across rural America, providing travelers a clean, comfortable, and cheap place to lay their head each evening before moving on to the next leg of their road trip the next day.  

A motel is often located on an access road, not requiring travelers to venture too far from the off-ramp. The building is frequently just a single story or two, with no amenities. Motels are meant for short stays, and today, they are more often visited by traveling salesmen rather than tourists. They can also be located in seedier parts of town.

A hotel, on the other hand, tends to be several stories with many rooms. Rather than residing on the outskirts of the nearest town, they tend to be in the heart of the closest city. This makes it convenient for the tourist who wants to be where the action is and really get a good feel for a place. Hotels have far more amenities.

What Are The Advantages Of A Hotel Suite Over A Motel Room?

When most people go on vacation, they want to be comfortable and safe. They also generally want their accommodations to provide a few luxuries rather than only offer the bare necessities a motel typically offers.

Hotel Suites Have Added Space

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a hotel suite is the extra room it provides. This is especially desirable for people travelling with children. Hotel suites often have a separate living area space, providing room for everyone to spread out. They also tend to provide separate sleeping quarters, giving plenty of privacy. This is much preferable to everyone being stuck in the same small room.

Hotel Suites Can Help You Save Money

Hotel suites also usually have kitchenettes. This means you can save money by preparing some meals onsite. They may also offer continental breakfast. These two things can save you considerable money as taking the entire family out for three meals daily can quickly add up. Additionally, most hotels have an attached restaurant, which can be convenient on the days you just want to lay around and relax.

Hotel Suites Have More To Offer

The majority of deluxe hotels offer plenty of activities. They have a swimming pool for the kids. They have a spa for Mom. They have a gym for Dad to get in a workout. They have a lounge to kick back and enjoy a few cocktails. With so many convenient amenities located right on site with hotel suites, you don't need to venture far or worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar city. The entire family can truly relax and have a good time, which is what vacation is all about.