• 3 Tips For Booking Your First All-Inclusive Resort Vacation

    Most people will plan quite a few vacations throughout their lives, and that usually involves booking a room with a hotel. While some hotels may include basic amenities such as breakfast or a pool, most lack the features found at a typical resort. As a result, you usually need to plan for plenty of extra expenses on your vacation, such as food and local activities. All-inclusive resorts help to make your vacation more predictable by including vastly more amenities. [Read More]

  • Saving Money On Your Family Vacation: 3 Ways A Key West Vacation Rental Property Can Help

    Traveling with family and friends offers the perfect opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the more people in your traveling party, the more expensive taking a vacation can be. Thankfully there is a way that you can save money on some of your traveling costs without sacrificing the quality of your trip. This money saving solution is to stay at a Key West vacation rental property instead of a hotel. [Read More]

  • Benefits Of Beachfront Hotels

    When you feel burnt out at work and want a few days to relax, a beachfront hotel is a viable option to consider. The beach has positive impacts on your health and is a great way to explore outdoor activities while residing in the hotel. You can experience the life of a surfer, fisherman, or environmentalist while living at the hotel. Every beachfront hotel has a unique space overlooking the ocean, and therefore your experience is different from anyone else's. [Read More]

  • 3 Tips That Can Save You Money On High Quality Hotels

    Lodging can make up a significant portion of your traveling budget. However, while the desire to cut costs in your travel budget is understandable, this is also one area of your budget where you will want to be incredibly mindful of what compromises you are willing to make in order to save some cash. After all, you could find yourself spending a good amount of time at your hotel depending upon the weather, your planned itinerary, and the length of your trip. [Read More]

  • Tips for Being Responsible When You Visit a Vacation Rental Condo With Your Dog

    For families that travel with their dog, a vacation rental condo can often be a good choice for accommodation. Provided that you make sure to book a place that is listed as pet friendly, you can expect that you and your four-legged friend will be comfortable during your stay. Pet-friendly vacation rentals can vary significantly in appearance; you might find a condo unit in the city that you can visit with your dog, a house on the beach, and many other options in between. [Read More]

  • Three Tips To Take Your Motel To A Five Star Accomodation

    Motels are typically known as cheap, quick places to stay while you are on the road. Though this makes for plenty of business, it is missing out on the long-term stays and therefore income of a hotel. Motels and hotels are typically different due to the setup of the building. Hotels tend to have several stories and plenty of amenity offerings, while motels are usually one or two stories max with minimum extra offerings for guests. [Read More]

  • 5 Ways Apartments Create A More Luxurious Stay Than Hotels

    Most travelers automatically assume that they should book a hotel when they go to a new place. But the most luxurious experience might not be from an expensive hotel. You might do better to find it in a rented apartment in a luxury apartment community. Why? Here are a few of the best reasons.  1. You Get More Space Undoubtedly, the best 'bang for your buck' in terms of square footage is from an apartment. [Read More]

  • 3 Tips For Negotiating Lower Rent Before Signing An Apartment Lease

    Before signing a lease for an apartment, it's so important for you to prepare and see what you can expect regarding the cost per month. Instead of ending up frustrated with being overcharged for an apartment, there' are lots of things you can do to make sure that you feel better about how much money you're spending each month and for how long you intend on renting. Pay More Upfront [Read More]

  • How To Book The Perfect Cabin Rental For Your Weekend Getaway

    Getting away for the weekend is a good stress-reliever and it also gives you something to look forward to as you go about your weekly routine. If you want a truly amazing escape, you should consider renting a private cabin for a weekend. This will get you away from the busy world around you and allow you to relax and unwind amid nature. Are you thinking of renting a cabin for a trip? [Read More]

  • Four Hotel Amenities You May Need

    When looking for a hotel, it's important you choose one that will meet your needs. Some people only care about the price, but most people prefer to have specific amenities that will make their stay more comfortable or convenient. Here are four things to consider when booking a hotel room. 1. Does the Hotel Have WiFi? A wireless internet connection is extremely important to some travelers. For example, people who are staying at a lodge for business purposes usually need internet to work and communicate. [Read More]